1. Polypropylene processed by compression moulding
(AP01, AP03, AP45, AP06, AP07)

• smooth on both sides
• planed on both sides

2. Extruded polypropylene
(AP ex01, AP ex 06)

3. Nylon


Production of pressed polypropylene boards:

These cutting pads are made of high-grade, thermoplastic materials (polypropylene). Our raw material is a homopolymer and/or co-polymer used specially for the production of cutting pads with high abrasion resistance.

The required granulate is filled into the pressing tool and is heated to approx. 180 degrees Celsius with steam. Then the boards are pressed to a certain thickness and cooled with cold water. A board of approx. 50 mm thickness remains in the press for 8 hours, a board of 25 mm thickness for approx. 3 hours. After a two or three-day storage period the boards are cut into the desired sizes.


The boards are then stored flat for two or three days depending on their thickness. Since synthetics are thermoplastic materials, they need a few days to get into their final shape.

Production of polyamide boards::

The raw material, a cast polyamide (PA) is heated to 60 to 80 degrees Celsius and poured into special moulds. The boards are then stored for 24 or 36 hours and then cut to the desired sizes.

Production of extruded polypropylene boards:

The polypropylene granulate is heated and extruded. After cooling, the boards are cut to the desired sizes.