The cutting pad, type AP 02 nylon, is made of a cast polyamide, a highly molecular, thermoplastic material. AUSTROPLAST cutting pads are suited for use with all types of cutting machines.

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You can download the product page about type AP02 as a PDF (Portable Data File from Adobe) and print it and read it offline.

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Shore factor:

D 84 +/-2



Intended use:

for synthetic material


standard: planed - 0/+0.6 up to a width of 1000 mm
from a width of 1000 mm nylon boards cannot be planed


Basically all sizes up to a maximum size of 2000 x 1200 mm with thicknesses 8 - 100 mm and all sizes within 1000 x 1000 with thicknesses of 110 - 160 mm. Other dimensions and thicknesses upon request.

Areas of application:

  • footwear industry
  • leather industry
  • production of gloves
  • textile industry
  • production of paper and cardboard articles
  • cork processing
  • automobile industry
  • gastronomy